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News & Updates
  • 6.22.14
    On April 8, 2014 the ESI radioactive waste storage and hazardous waste transfer facility located in Baltimore, MD was audited by CHWMEG, Inc. A non-profit trade association comprised of manufacturing and other "industrial" companies, CHWMEG’s interest is to provide efficient oversight for management of the waste related aspects of environmental stewardship. The ESI page on CHWMEG’s website can be accessed with the following link:
  • 11.22.13
    Ecology Servcies, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has been given license authority to remove and package for disposal or recycling, sealed sources contained in liquid scintillation counters (LSC's) and Gas Chromatograph Electron Capture Detectors (ECD's).
  • 11.21.13
    Ecology Services, Inc. is pleased to announce it has been granted a Controlled Hazardous Substances permit from the State of Maryland Department of the Environment for the truck-to-truck transfer and temporary (10-day) storage of containerized hazardous waste. This permit allows ESI to improve its operational efficiency in providing long haul low level radioactive and mixed waste management services while providing greater flexibility in scheduling mixed waste shipments.
  • 6.14.13
    Ecology Services, Inc is pleased to announce it has established contracts and certifications to make shipments of low level radioactive waste to the recently opened WCS Texas Compact Facility in Andrews, Texas. ESI continues to work with WCS, the Texas regulatory bodies TCEQ and DSHS, and the Texas Compact Commission to ensure that small generators from outside of Texas and Vermont have access to the burial site. Many of our clients have sealed sources and other Class B and C wastes for which Texas is the only legitimate disposal option.
  • 5.2.13
    ESI is pleased to announce the renewal of the contract for the "Comprehensive Multiple Component Waste Management Services Including Solid Waste and Refuse, Medical Pathological Waste, and Recycling" awarded by the National Institutes of Health.
  • 4.30.13
    ESI is proud to announce that they have been awarded the Howard County contract for trash and recyclable dumpster and recyclable cart service for all Howard County office buildings, including Howard County Public schools, Howard Community College, Howard County Parks and Recreations Centers and all government agencies. The service will begin July 1, 2013.
  • 12.26.12
    Ecology Services, Inc., in partnership with Clean Energy Fuels, is pleased to announce the grand opening of a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) station at its Gaithersburg site. This is the largest CNG station on the East Coast.
  • 6.12.12
    Ecology Services, Inc. is pleased to announce the arrival of Mr. James Dean to the ESI staff. Mr. Dean brings 30 years of experience in decontamination and decommissioning, radioactive waste brokerage, and health physics services to the organization.
  • 3.15.12
    Ecology Services, Inc. is proud to announce the issuance of our new Radioactive Materials License MD-07-229-01 for our Low Level Radioactive Waste handling warehouse facility in Baltimore, MD. This license permits ESI to perform a wide range of rad waste brokerage services including decay-in-storage, and it also allows ESI to engage in waste packaging and decontamination/decommissioning activities at client sites.
  • 1.19.12
    Ecology Services, Inc. is pleased to welcome Don Hartje to the LLRW/Health Physics staff in our Tennessee office. Don brings thirty-two years of experience in the industry to ESI.
  • 1.10.12
    ESI is pleased to announce the official opening of our new Tennessee office. Located at 10427 Hickory Path Way, Knoxville, TN 37922, the office is staffed with Andrew Armbrust, Tom Klett, Michele Patterson, Kimberly Page, and David DeLaCruz. The new team is fully functional and ready to address the needs of the LLRW/Health Physics/Decommissioning industry. They can be reached by calling (865) 766-5873.
  • 12.02.11
    We are pleased to announce that Mr. Andy Armbrust, formerly of Philotechnics, has joined the staff of Ecology Services, Inc. Mr. Armbrust brings decades of experience in the radioactive waste industry to the staff at ESI.
  • 11.16.11
    ESI personnel are now certified in the assembly procedure for LANL Special Form Capsules. ESI will use these to help clients ship > A2 quantities of radioactive materials in domestic and international commerce.
  • 10.06.11
    ESMO, in partnership with Clean Energy, will be creating an on-site CNG refueling station which will allow us to provide environmentally friendly low particulate, low Co2 emissions fuel to all of our county refuse vehicles. In addition to producing less emissions, CNG trucks will drastically reduce noise pollution. Scheduled to commence service in December of 2011, the new station will fuel the largest CNG powered fleet of trucks on the east coast.